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The New Parliament Edition

EP Boot Camp


18 October 2019 from

09:30  to 16:00.


There is a new European Parliament – and it is a changed Parliament. Even if you felt that you knew the old one, we are faced with a remarkably different European Parliament. More than 60% of Members of the European Parliament are new and the balance of power has changed drastically. Old coalitions and alliances no longer have the strength they used to have, and behind the scenes, the power structures are changing. It is truly a new European Parliament, with new challenges and perspectives.

Want to understand how the new European Parliament really works? From changes in the balance of power and complicated committee procedures to the hearings of the new Commissioners - navigating the maze of the European Parliament was never easy.

Add to this the Brexit question and how this will impact the European Parliament – from the size of the political groups, to a change in overall political direction.

In October the European Parliament will hold hearings and vote on whether or not to accept the new European Commission – but some MEPs have considerably more influence on the outcome than others. We will walk you through the process of which MEPs decide and which of them know the decisions before anyone else.

Euraffex #EPBootCamp is a one-day intensive seminar focusing on how the European Parliament really works. From Quaestors and Coordinators to Committee procedures and Commissioner hearings, our #EPBootCamp explains it all.

Our EPBootCamp leaves theory at the doorstep, and dives straight into the complexity and functionality of the European Parliament.

Our  EPBootCamp covers topics such as

  • New alliances and balance of power in the new European Parliament

  • Hearings of the new European Commission

  • The complex organization of the European Parliament

  • The political groups and their alliances

  • Who are the key players in the European Parliament at the various stages of the legislative process?

  • Which titles seem important but have little influence in reality– and who are the MEPs with power and insight

  • Understanding how an MEP’s office functions, and how important the staff can be

  • And much, much more

Join the EP Bootcamp – and get a head start on dealing with the new European Parliament.


When: 18 October 2019, from  09:30  to 16:00.
How much: The price for this one-day intensive training is €950 + VAT. (Materials, lunch, refreshments are included).


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